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Get a dinner that will make everyone happy

When you want to treat your entire group to a delicious meal, you need to stop  by our location and see what we have waiting for you.


You can find freshly-prepared dinners including pot roasts, fresh turkey, roast pork, and more.

Great food is waiting for you

You can find delicious items to tempt your taste-buds. We have excellent sausage and peppers, kielbasa, Swedish meatballs, and even chicken and veal cutlets.


You'll find something that is right for you thanks to our huge variety of delicious items. When you want the best eggplant Parmigiana or a savory flounder filet, we are the only place to go. Stop and see what we have waiting for you.

Stop in today

Stop in or give us a call and place your order for an excellent dinner. You can have great food tonight, and we can make it happen.

Get a great dinner

- Pastrami

- Roast beef

- Tenderloins

- Meat loaf

- Corned beef


7 Days

a Week

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